Get a facial with a free upper body massage! With so many facials to choose from, here are the most popular ones at Allureous LLC! Book your appointment today–hassle free! CLICK HERE or call our office at (858)240-7097 to secure your unforgettable experience!

Allureous Signature Stem Cell Facial with Venus Skin™
Our signature facial that infuses your face with stem cell cytokines to wind back the clock.

Anti Aging Facial
Our own Allureous anti-aging facial using Rhonda Allison products.

Teen Facial
Specially formulated to calm the hormonal tsunami of adolescence.

Executive Facial for Men
Manly makeover to be the top of your game in a competitive world.

TCA Peel
TCA is a non-toxic chemical peel (trichloroacetic acid) used to improve sun-damaged skin.

Jessner Peel
Formulated by the eminent German dermatologist Dr. Max Jessner, this peel is a time-proven classic.

Gently remove the uneven outer layer of skin without chemicals.